Outrigging Canoes

TOM - The Outrigger Man can supply a wide range of outrigger equipment - everything from canoes, amas, iakos, covers, custom racks, tie downs and trolleys to clothing. In addition to outrigger equipment, The Outrigger Man is there to repair damaged canoes and give them a makeover when it comes time for a refurbishment. We also repair surf skis, kayaks, paddle boards, fibreglass & carbon fibre products.

Outrigger Canoes and Accessories

Kamanu Ha'upu (V6) Canoe

Wildly popular in Australia, the Kamanu Ha'upu (V6) is the fastest Kamanu canoe for flat to medium conditions.

Designed in 2011, the Ha’upu was designed specifically for Australian waters. The rocker in the Kamanu makes it surf better than any other canoe.

This canoe has been designed in Hawaii and built by TOM in Australia.

Tiger Canoe OC2 and OC6

TOM also manufactures the Tiger Canoe OC2 and Tiger Canoe OC6.

The Tiger has a longer waterline length which means there is more of the canoe in the water at once, allowing for maximum speed in the flat to light conditions.

Stingray Canoe OC1 and OC2

TOM also builds and repairs the Stingray OC1 and OC2.

We can make the Stingray OC1 easily adaptable for dragon boating by putting iakos on either side.

The Stingray hull performs smoothly in generally all conditions, however performs best in downwind surfing conditions. The boat drops in quite easily and is very controllable.

Accessories & Equipment

TOM can supply a wide range of outrigger equipment including Comet amas, puffy amas, timber iakos, aluminium iakos, covers, custom racks, tie downs and trolleys. We can arrange quotes for OC6 trailers.


 TOM has a pipe bender and can manufacture aluminium iakos for all OC1's and OC2's.


Note: The Comet ama has been tested against the puffy ama, the results showed that the Comet ama lets your canoe get up to speed 70% quicker than the puffy ama.